Five spectacular and little-known spots in the province of Malaga

The province of Malaga has many points of high ecological value. The towns of the Sierra de las Nieves and the national park itself are just a sample of this, as can also be found in the eastern part of the province, around the Tejeda and Almijara mountain ranges.. There are little-known or highly frequented natural monuments such as El Torcal, unique beaches such as Maro, or singular ones such as Punta Chullera. There are also environmental jewels to visit throughout Malaga, among which you can see the most exclusive shade in the world, that of the Malaga firs. and places with the charm of the rich history of the territory that has been the protagonist of trade and human life for millennia. But there are also different points, not very well known and perhaps not as spectacular as the most popular ones, but with all the ingredients to enjoy a good day of landscapes, heritage and pleasant surroundings, there are some points to discover in the province of Malaga.

Bridge of the Germans, Cortes de la Frontera

It is in a beautiful point of the province, at the eastern end of the Los Alcornocales park and in the course of the Guadiaro river. It is a bridge located on the riverbed in an area where the canyons formed by the watercourse in an environment surrounded by vegetation are the protagonists. In fact, it is next to the Buitreras Canyon, a truly spectacular natural monument. It is one of those places where, on the right day, simply arriving and enjoying the surroundings is quite comforting. The bridge is a dam on the riverbed and is more than 60 meters above the river canyon. A beautiful site of great natural value.

La Concha Peak, Marbella and Istán

At 1,215 meters above sea level, it is an exceptional viewpoint to see Africa from the coast of Malaga. It is not far from the Sierra de las Nieves and the peculiarities of the viewpoint mean that not only the landscape over the Mediterranean is beautiful, but also what can be seen in the opposite direction. It is in the Sierra Blanca and in its vicinity there are beautiful forests. A different place in the vicinity of Marbella and Istán that offers a different plan and a new panorama for those who visit it.

Tower of Lifa, Ronda

Ronda is a city with a beautiful urban center that is surrounded by mountains and exceptional landscapes. One of them, about 14 kilometers from the town center, is the Lifa tower, which also has a waterfall nearby. Located on the old road that connects Ronda with El Borge, it is the remains of an old castle from the Andalusian period that dominates a territory with quite beautiful landscapes. The Lifa valley has beautiful and peculiar cornicabras and it is also in a point of the Sierra de las Nieves ideal for walking.

La Sauceda, Courts of the Border

It is an unpopulated area, something quite common in the towns of the Ronda mountains or even in La Axarquia: population centers that were abandoned centuries (or decades) ago but that still preserve traces of human activity and privileged situations. This is the case of La Sauceda, which also has a recreational area. The environment, surrounded by ravines, cork oaks, gall oaks and a great natural variety, also has areas in which water is the protagonist and depending on the time of year and the day you visit, it is a practically idyllic place. It belongs to the beautiful Cortes de la Frontera, which is halfway between Los Alcornocales and Grazalema parks.

Castillo de Bentomiz, Arenas

In the eastern part of the province, near the town of Arenas, are the remains of the Bentomiz castle. A fortress that had a great historical role in the time of Abderramán III when the one who ended up being the first caliph of the Umayyads in Córdoba had to fight and defeat Omar Ibn Hafsún, the rebel who dominated much of what is now Andalusia. In subsequent centuries it was also important and in 1487 its surrender to the Catholic Monarchs was agreed. It is a large castle, with two walled enclosures and impressive views of the coastline that are not only limited to the Axarquia coast. One of those enclaves in which to enjoy the landscape and also the towns that are in its surroundings, such as Arenas itself.