Need mortgage?

If you need a mortgage to purchase a property through one of our partners, should that may inform your agent as soon as possible, in order that it can coordinate everything. The mortgage can be processed in Spain or abroad. If you have not already applied can help manage through one of Spanish or foreign banks with whom we work regularly.

If you and for being processed through your own bank, remember to keep your agent informed of any developments in the pipeline so that it can coordinate the date of signing the notarized deed of sale between you, the bank and the seller of the property.

A nonresident buyer can get up to 70% of the appraised value of the property, a resident may hope to get up to 80%. Depending on your circumstances and personal income, these percentages may be higher, the warranty on the loan is usually the home that you are buying, if you request the higher percentages mentioned herein may request bank guarantees extraordinary.

Overall, the documentation that any bank will ask to process your mortgage will be your payroll or income, your annual income, and the degree of indebtedness to other banks or financial institutions in their own country.