Where and how to apply for NIE?

The identification number of foreigners is granted ex officio, ie automatically by the Directorate General of Police to any foreigner who will initiate an administrative, or you can request it always stating the reason for your request.

1.- When in Spain, report in person at the Immigration Office or Police Station where you live. Must meet two requirements:

  • Not being in an irregular situation in Spain.
  • The presentation of documents proving the reasons for the request.

The application can be submitted by a representative with power to handle assigned identification number. You also need to justify and document the reasons for his request.

2.- If in your country of residence, you may request identification number in delegations Spanish diplomatic or consulate.

It is best to start the application process for granting the alien identification number shortly after entering Spanish territory.
To apply the identification number of foreigners must have a regular situation in Spain.

By accessing Spain, either as a tourist or a visa, is in good standing stay. That time of stay depends situation: as a tourist has a maximum of 90 days and time visa validity. Before the end of your stay requested by the NIE giving reasons for the request, then you can not do to rectify the situation.

If requested by the NIE finding irregular this may be a reason for opening of files and punishment with unintended consequences.