These are the 4 destinations where millionaires go and you have been

Throughout the world we can find a wide variety of destinations to travel to, some more expensive than others, some closer than others, but without a doubt they all have their own appeal depending on your tastes and what you are looking for on each trip in concrete. Today we show you 4 destinations where millionaires go to which you have probably been, so you will see that you do not have to have millions in your account to travel to dream and luxury places.

4 destinations where millionaires go that you have also visited

This Spanish island is one of the most luxurious and famous in the world, which attracts millionaires from all over the planet who seek in its coves and dream beaches the ideal place to dock their yachts and enjoy free time surrounded by luxury and glamor. The weather and the nightlife are also two of the great attractions to visit this island, which also has spectacular luxury hotels.


Without a doubt, this city of Malaga has always been related to luxury and glamour, since there are many rich and famous who choose this destination as their vacation spot, in addition to many others who have established their residence there. Its beaches make this city a destination worth visiting, as well as a very beautiful old town and a golden mile with the most luxurious shops you can imagine.


We traveled to another island, also in the Balearic Islands, this time to visit Mallorca, one of the most visited Spanish destinations both by Spaniards themselves and by those who arrive from other countries. It is the island with the most millionaires per square meter, where you can see many luxury mansions that are occupied perhaps throughout the year or only during the holidays, and this island falls in love with its beaches, its nature… and its party.

Costa Brava

Another Spanish destination visited by lovers of luxury with many millions in the bank is the Costa Brava, since there are good beaches and a lot of parties, which is what any millionaire looks for when he wants to enjoy his vacations. It is also a discreet destination where it is easier to go unnoticed than in other much more famous ones. Its beaches, houses on the coast and its gastronomy make the Costa Brava an ideal destination for anyone who wants to enjoy a unique experience.