A collection of works from the Carmen Thyssen Museum will open the cultural building of Estepona “El Mirador del Carmen”

The new exhibition project with which the new cultural facility “El mirador del Carmen” will be inaugurated has been presented this morning in the Auditorium of the Carmen Thyssen Museum, an enclave that from next March will be committed to “consolidating the town as a city cultural and open to the sea”.

This center will offer a tour of Spanish artists from the Thyssen Collection such as Fortuny, Sorolla, Amalia Avia, Menchu ​​Gal, Rusinol, Casas, Bores or Tapies, among others.

The exhibition that will open next March in this enclave will consist of fifty works from the Collection and the Museum, which will cover more than 600m2 of surface area for a period of 6 months, from March to September 2023.

This exhibition will review Spanish art from romanticism to pop art in whose discourse and contents the Museum team directed by Lourdes Moruno is working.

The Estepona City Council and the Carmen Thyssen Museum, the two entrepreneurial institutions of this project, have maintained a close relationship since 2018 with the common objective of bringing art and culture closer to the citizens of Estepona, in addition to serving as a projection for the brand of the city.

As part of this mutual collaboration, the Museo Carmen Thyssen has contributed its experience in defining the exhibition spaces of El Mirador del Carmen in terms of accessibility, tour of the spaces, lighting or air conditioning.

Baroness Carmen Thyssen has stated that she is delighted with Estepona’s cultural strategy, which represents a valuable leap in quality in the municipality’s tourist offer. “The mayor is making a significant effort to incorporate his city into the national artistic circuit. They asked us for collaboration and both from the Museum and from the Collection we have contributed our experience so that it is a success and has continuity over time”, he specified.

The mayor of Estepona, García Urbano, has highlighted the commitment that has been made to develop a model of a sustainable city with quality of life, “as a dynamic factor of cultural, social and economic activity”. The location where this artistic collection will be located will be an emblematic building within a large landscaped pedestrian boulevard, which is added to a conservatory perfectly adapted to the legislation and a 15-story library. The initiative adds to the transformation of the city in the last decade with the project ‘Estepona, Jardín de la Costa del Sol’, which has allowed intervention on “19 kilometers of streets to travel without being bothered by cars, noise and pollution” with the remodeling of a historic quarter, which “has recovered its typical Andalusian character within its consolidated urban structure, where the classic and historical have to be combined with the modern.

Javier Ferrer, manager of the Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga, has specified that the Museum is proactive in collaborating and interacting with other national and international institutions. “The involvement in the Mirador del Carmen exhibition center shows the commitment of his team to the closest territorial area. Estepona is also an example of the generosity of the Carmen Thyssen Collection with Spanish culture,” explains Ferrer.

The patron of the Carmen Thyssen Museum, Guillermo Cervera, has affirmed that this cultural complex is, apart from an “outsourcing of the museum” that we know, a “twinning of cities and museums”.