Larios, with power

Second day of glamor at the Pasarela Larios . More than one adorns himself as he wants and because he wants. The freedom of fashion, where anything goes. The haughty gaze of the people of Malaga gave the central street the strength it required: with power. One more day, the center of Malaga is dressed with high-class brands, and gives visibility to many others that are making their way into the industry.

Some girls run around in dresses from the aristocratic designer’s unique and distinctive brand. The first hit of the gala, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. She opens the parade with the strength of Lola Indigo and the hit of Ya no Quiero Na ‘. Her heart, her hallmark. The models dig their heels into the blue carpet, which looks to match the striking colors of the brand. Clouds in their prints, large matching bags with headbands and high platforms in cheerful and colorful tones.

In the queue, from Seville, Aurora Gaviño. The workshop, dedicated to flamenco fashion, embarks on a proposal that represents it: lace. The elegance in their garments recalls the sixties and sweet style of those times. Tight bodies under a delicate and tender embroidery, she is followed by a skirt that broke with the romantic nature of her personality. Entirely hand-dyed lace, with ancient and ancient features. In short, fabrics that are not typical of the flamenco dress: saris, canvases and natural silks, all of them mixed. It is defined as a fusion brand between tradition and innovation.

Next, the Spanish brand of Nati Jiménez. Known for her presence at major haute couture events and celebrations. In the dresses worn by the models, the fluidity of their fabrics was appreciated, which went to the beat of their walk. The brand is distinguished for making garments exclusively in Spain and is also characterized by supplying a wide range of sizes, from 38 to 58.

Another of the most recognized firms, Deivir Luengo. Her white wedding designs left the public speechless, perplexed by the long trains of her dresses, and her stunning style that breaks with the classic trait of brides. He defines himself as a designer who pays tribute to all the women who marked a before and after in history and who guided, and guide his steps in the battle for a society in which being a woman does not close doors with his “VIVA” collection.